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The Knox Morrow Athletic Conference would like to announce the All League award winners and team champions.  In addition, the KMAC recognizes one Senior from every school for every sport as an All-Academic winner.  The All-Academic winner must have a GPA of at least 3.5. Click on Sports at the top of this page, Fall, and the sport you wish to view the honorees!

The OHSAA recently announced rules changes for Basketball next season. Pay particular attention to rule #4-8-1.

The Knox Morrow Athletic Conference (KMAC) is proud to announce Loudonville
High School will be joining the KMAC in 2024-25 for all sports. Loudonville made a
presentation to the 7 KMAC Principals in March 6 and the Principals unanimously
agreed to invite the Redbirds into the league. Loudonville has been an Affiliate
member for Wrestling since 2020-21 and football this past year. This brings the KMAC
to 8 full-fledged schools.

This past football season was very successful for the KMAC with Loudonville playing
its first season in the league. The KMAC thinks this is a natural progression for
Loudonville to join in all sports. Loudonville has a long history of athletic success
which fits nicely into the KMAC.

The Redbirds join Cardington-Lincoln, Centerburg, Danville, East Knox,
Fredericktown, Mt Gilead and Northmor Middle and High Schools in the KMAC.

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